Nepal Education Fund

Arrived in Pokhara yesterday after a very tiring journey. It was extremely hot and after 6 hours on the bus we got off to visit 4 children in a town 25 kms from Pokhara. We visited dolma, Rubin, Puspa and Prishka here. Then took a broken down old car the rest of the way. today we visited all our children here, 15 in all. this area is really challenging as everyone is so poor and all close together. We are followed around and with so many in need in is hard to know who to help and it becomes frustrating as there is never enough to go round. We are a small ripple in a very large pond here. But the children we have helped are doing well. When we stop in a family’s room for tea so many people pile in and the heat becomes unbearable.
Tomorrow we are going into the mountains for three days rest and then I will return to where we were today to finish off what we have to do here. I was given a donation for a poor family and I have picked a poor woman with four girls whose husband has left her because she did not bear him a son. She lives in a tin shack and after considering so many families I have picked her. So next week I will pay some rent and buy groceries for her.
the lady who was so badly burned last time I was here looked so much better today and she seemed happy.
Now I will go and shower all this sweat away from the oppressive heat and get some sleep.

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