Nepal Education Fund

It has been a full few days since being here. I have met with families and seen to paperwork and banking. tomorrow I am taking the bus to Pokhara to work with the children there.
I met with the family of the boy who has not been going to school and it was very upsetting with the mother sobbing. It is her eldest son and so it was important for him to get an education. The mother works at two jobs to keep the family going as the father is no good and does not work. It is hard to hold a mother who is crying so hard and what can I tell her? I have been upset about this.
I matched a little boy with a new sponsor yesterday who had been apart from his family for some years. He has been in an orphanage as his parents were too poor to educate him but it turns out that he has not been in school for the last 7 months anyway. I asked them to bring him home and I would sponsor him. It turned out that this was a child that I met over four years ago and liked him on first sight. When I saw him yesterday and put my arms around him he cried but I think they were tears of relief and joy at being with his family again. Sometimes I find it hard to keep my own tears back and wonder if I am just too soft hearted for this job.
Now I am feeding a stray puppy at the apartment. the neighbours look at me like I am crazy as I sit in a dirty old chair outside cuddling this little thing. somehow he makes me feel like I am at home holding my own puppy Lily who is so much more fortunate than this little thing. this country is full of stray children and dogs all in a hopeless situation.
More from Pokhara. Looking forward to a shower and washing my hair there in a guest house.

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