Nepal Education Fund

A lot has happened in the last few days including a visit to Nuwakot where we visited village schools and saw the school built with our earthquake funds.  We travelled for many hours by bus over two days.  We have donated money for a science lab at one school we visited.  This is a donation from NEF .  Today we visited some sponsor’s families in Simpani .  Carrie and her daughter Lauren met Manu and his mother for the first time.  Manu’s mother has burned and deformed hands and suvives by begging at the temple.  Emotions were high here and tears shed.  We visited Daumaya and her family, all four girls are sponsored.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  It is the Tihar festival now and today is the dog festival and so the dogs have tikkas and flower malas.  Photos of Manu’s family, Maya and Sabita BK and the dogs enjoying their day.

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