Nepal Education Fund

This morning we went to Simpani and visited with some of my women and mothers in Daumaya’s home.  For some reason I am more comfortable and relaxed in these women’s homes amid the poverty than anywhere else.  I think it must be their karma as although they are very poor they are humble, very grateful and just happy to have us visit.  It is a therapy just to sit and chat there with them and their children.  Then we visited Raj Kumari who is the lady who set herself on fire a few years ago.  She is a changed person today and her home is so neat and clean.  She has now joined the English literacy class.  I have found that when we sponsor in these families it gives them hope and very often changes their lives in that their situations improve, sorting of lifting them up.
The literacy ladies had a thank you ceremony for me at the school at 11 am but first I sat at the back of the class where I always feel the most comfortable and just chatted with them and showed them photos of themselves on my computer and also photos of my mother, who they thought was very beautiful and my dogs.  They adorned me with flowers and keta scarfs and red tika dust and I found myself struggling with my emotions.  I have known these women for a long time now and they are my friends and I hate saying goodbye.  I told them that yes I had given them education but that they had given me something that was much more valuable and that was their love.  When I asked for new women sponsors a couple of months back you responded well and I had 23 new sponsors so was able to keep these programs going.  For the cost of 3 or 4 cups of coffee per month you have given these ladies not only education but friendship and hope.  They know other women care about them across the world.  For the last two days I have received many letters from children and the women and they know your names and wonder what you are like.  Even if they only study for six months they are then able to write and sign their names and such basic things.  It is a great gift.  I can only tell you what their appreciation is like and I wish you could feel it like I do, this morning I felt like the luckiest person in the world, all the flower malas they make by hand, first collecting flowers and threading them on cotton thread takes a long time.  One had knitted me a scarf, another brought me juice and most touching was a woman who put a simple ring on my finger that says LOVE.
That said it all and the ladies laughed and said that now I was engaged, how right they are because I am engaged to all of them and I hope that you are too. 

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