Nepal Education Fund

The situation here in Nepal is not good.  Apparently there have been numerous strikes when the whole country comes to a standstill in last few months.  Today is a strike and probably tomorrow.  We cannot work as no vehicles are allowed on the roads, schools are closed etc.  Petrol is in short supply, Mann had to line up for two hours yesterday and was only allowed to buy 4 liters.  The Internet connection here is hit and miss and very weak so sometimes takes hours to download photos etc.  Saw one child early this morning and that was Pinky who is near here.  She had moved out into the fields so her father could try and make a living growing some vegetables.  No one out there for Pinky to play with but her father had bought two puppies which we cuddled, me and Pinky while Mann looked at the vegetables.  She had named one Tiger and one Puppy.  The father said they would protect against people stealing veggies.  I think it will be hard for them to make a living on the amount of land they were renting.  It sure is a tough life here.  I will try and put some photos up as I can.  Pinky’s sponsor is coming next week which she is looking forward to.

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