Nepal Education Fund

Today we had an enjoyed visit to Pumbi Bhumdi where we saw the library that NEF provided and the computers donated by the Friends of the Qatar Wooden Spoon in Doha.  The children were just delightful and we were adorned with flower malas.  They told us how grateful they were for our help and how the school is progressing because of it.  Registration at the school is now rising.  Most importantly I was told that now the children love to come school because of the library and the computers and even ask if they can come in the school holidays.  They have a computer teacher who is teaching from class 3 up and is teaching them how to type and do basic things on paint etc. and they can also play games on the computers to help them learn how to use them.  On this visit we presented the school with $300 from the Qatar Friends to pay for school uniforms.  They were very happy.  We then were given a nice lunch of Dhal Bhat (rice and lentils) and takari (curried veg).  Although it is a government school they are introducing programs like that of a private school especially in English language classes. 

New computers

Children at Pumbi bhumdi School

Tonight we attended the Pokara Annupurna Rotary meeting and enjoy fellowship with them afterward.  This is always enjoyable as I have known them for a few years now and they are friends.  Tomorrow we go with them to the village of Gunjara where NEF is presenting new roofing material and some sport equipment.

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