Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we went to Pumbi Bhumdi with Carol and Keith and friends Judy and Anuska.  As usual we received a wonderful welcome.  We were delighted with the success of the school.  The classrooms are decorated with many posters and pictures, the children are all smart and clean, the whole place is a delight.  The library that NEF provided last year is the best library of the 25 schools in the district.  It also now has 4 computers, printer and copier provided by the Qatar Wooden Spooners.  The attendance has risen from 52 last year to 87 this year and the won the district spelling contest of all 25 schools.  The children are allowed to use the library at anytime even on holidays as the teacher is willing to be there for them.  This school is a great success.  They gave a delicious lunch at the computer teacher’s home and enjoyed the view over Pokhara and the Annurpurnas. 
We then went to Simpani so Carol & Keith could visit the children that they sponsor.  We also visited the new library at the High Mount school that was provided by the Qatar donors, the Leather family.
Judy wished to sponsor a child so we took her to visit a little girl that we had visited twice this week.  She has lost both parents and was being cared for by a grandmother in the village but the grandmother said she could not longer care for her and brought her to live with an uncle and aunt in Simpani.  She was very sad when I first met her but was all smiles yesterday especially when she met her sponsor and was given some gifts.  It must be hard for the child coming from a mountain village and now being photographed and getting all this attention but I am sure she will remember it for ever.  She certainly was all smiles when we left.

Nursery Class

Today we have another dental camp in the village of Christie.  I am looking forward to seeing the school where we have also done some work.  The weather is now extremely hot so it makes the days tiring. 

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