Nepal Education Fund

Visited here yesterday.  Always a delight to visit this school.  Dr. Jeff conducted a dental camp here and also along were Keith and Carol from Qatar.  Keith and Carol and NEF have donated to the school over the last four years and tremendous improvements have taken place here.  The school enrolment 

 has gone from about 45 to nearly 100 in that time.  NEF put in a library and Qatar sponsors donated computers and paid for Montessori training for the teachers.  They have just completed four new replacement rooms and hope to rebuild the remaining three or four in the future.  70 percent of the students are low caste and very underprivileged but at this school they are blossoming and most of them speak very good English.  The classrooms are bright and cheery and are inviting to the children.  The Principal, Mr. Prakash Gurung, has made a tremendous change to this school and he is hoping to add to class 8 from the present class 5.  NEF now sponsors 14 children here and we have donated, along with Carol and Keith from Qatar, money towards the new rooms.

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