Nepal Education Fund

Puspa has been sponsored by NEF for about nine years.  She has just graduated as a teacher and has a teaching position at a private school.  Her family lost their home and all their belongings in a landslide in their mountain village about ten years ago.  NEF helped by sponsoring Puspa, her sister Priska and brother Rubin to go to school.
Puspa is our first student to become a teacher and we are very proud of her.  Her sponsor lives in Costa Rica and she said this:
I can’t even tell you how this whole beautiful happy thing makes me feel, to have been lucky enough to be able to help her (with so little money), and that help making such a huge difference in her life. What a gift to me. All thanks to NEF.

Hopefully Puspa is the first of many to graduate to a profession, we hope so. 

Puspa now

Puspa as a Student

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