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First photos from Mann.  They spent about $400 yesterday for food for our families in Hattiban but he said they need much more.  So he is going back in a couple of days.  He will be able to get to the bank tomorrow too.  They need cooking pots etc as well as basic needs. 

For those that have lost homes who I will list again we can build temporary homes for $400.  These would be bamboo posts in cement covered with heavy plastic which can be used for months or more.  It is better than makeshift tents. 

It is night there now but tomorrow he is going to try to get around with a taxi and food and see our Kathmandu children.  Food is becoming scarce but he found a warehouse and is going to load up tomorrow and take home to distribute in the next few days.  Prices are rising drastically.  They priced out some plastic roof sheets but they were $45.  Dave has gone back to Pokhara and will buy them there.  He will return in about 3 days.  Dave was urging Mann to bring Sima and the children back to Pokhara with him immediately as he felt things were going to get so much worse in the next few days.  Mann said no he had to do his work in Ktm and see to all children.  

These children have lost homes so far:

Kabita Nargarcoti

Rasaila Nargarcoti    all different families, same caste

Rosi Nargarcoti

Prasila Tamang

Asmita Kuwar and Asha

Anjali and Nirmal Tamang

Asmita Panta

So that is nine children from Hattiban with mud homes

Hopefully we will fare better in Kathmandu.

I will phone Mann around supper time when it is early morning there. 
Thank you, Thank you for all your donations you are making a difference

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