Nepal Education Fund

Very top Rakesh who lives at the tea shop.

Photos top left Roji, Siwanni and Apeksaya. This family was left by the father nearly three years ago when he went to live in England with an English woman he met when he was her porter on a trek. He left his wife and four children, they also have a son. A lovely family and a very sad situation, the mother earns a little money making handicrafts. Apeksaya with a watch send by her sponsor.
Far right Ranjita enjoys a letter and photos from her sponsor with her mother. This is at the tea shop which we bought for her mother when she lost her husband about four years ago. She earns enough to support her family with this shop. To the left is Bagawati with her foot which I wrote about previously. She is blind. Fortunately her foot and her life was saved and she had skin grafting this week. Her child’s sponsor, Carol and Keith from Qatar, generously offered to pay her medical bills. I am so happy that I took her to a private hospital as I doubt the government hospital would have saved her foot. Above is her mother in law. I love this photo as her face is so kind and warm. When I saw her at the hospital sitting at Bagawati’s bedside I was struck by her warmth. Above right is Juni, a stone quarrey child here in Kathmandu. We have sponsored the children in this family for a long time. She is wearing clothes we had just given her. It is great to have so many clothes to distribute. The only thing is it is hard to carry a lot on a motorbike but we do it with a big backpack.
This city is so dirty and today after visiting 14 children I decided I had to have my hair washed so stopped at the beauty palour near our office. She washed my hair in cold water which is fine and then offered me a free body massage, I know this lady quite well, I accepted but then she told me that I must wash tomorrow because my body is dirty. I laughed and said no water. A shower is only a dream. Somehow though it is not that important and a small bowl of water does the job. When I see how people like Bagawati live in dire poverty such things do not really matter. We are lucky to have such a nice office and apartment here in Nakhipot which is a nice community.

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