Nepal Education Fund

Tomorrow I return by bus to Kathmandu. I have had the last couple of days off and have immersed myself in Nepali language for about four hours per day. I need to improve my Nepali so this time I am determined to do that. The language teacher is very good. I am going to continue in Kathmandu trying to talk mostly Nepali when at the apartment.
The weather is warm and sunny and I have enjoyed the company of volunteers from Australia at breakfast every morning. They are working at an orphanage.
The inflation rate here in Nepal offically is 14.9 per cent but they say unoffically it is much higher. I know when I buy groceries for families many items are much higher and also the school fees have increased a large amount. This is a bit worrying.
I now have a busy month visiting all the schools and children in Kathmandu. For new sponsors I have matched most of you but internet is expensive here in Pokhara so I will get the information to you as soon as possible. Electric is only on for about 4 to 5 hours per day and sometimes that is in the night so you can understand the problem.

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