Nepal Education Fund

Sorry for the late update but I have been in England for just over two weeks visiting my mother. Also my wonderful dog is very sick and will only be with us for a few more days. We are very sad about this.

A reminder that we are going to be in Nepal for two weeks next month. We leave October 5th. If you have a letter or small gift please get it to me at least five days before I leave.

I am including these photos of the improvements we did to two buildings at the school in Chimkhola. Last year’s dinner draw paid for this. These buildings were basically sound and had been used to house animals by the Agriculture Dept. many years ago. They are now able to be used for the school and one is being used as a hostel for children who have to walk two hours to school. They can now stay overnight here rather than walking four hours per day back and forth to school.

Our thanks to Runners of Compassion, Victoria for their donation which provided the beds and bed clothes and also a toilet for the children.

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