Nepal Education Fund

Bob and I are returning to Nepal via Hong Kong on October 19th. This is a short trip and we will be gone for one month. I can take letters and small things if anyone wishes. You will need to get these to me in the next couple of weeks.
All the children are doing well, they are all being monitered regularly. We only have one with a medical problem at present and he is Sushant our little blind student. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure last week and has seen a doctor and is now on medication.
I will not be able to see all the children on this short visit but I will visit those that I can and I will visit many schools.
I will be going to the Chimkhola village school to see how the upgrades are progressing. We are at present working with the Daybreak Rotary Club in Duncan who are going to help us with this project. This is great news and will make a huge difference to the villagers of Chimkhola. This school has 400 students from three villages and is the only school that goes to class 10 in this mountain region.

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