Nepal Education Fund

It has been a very busy summer for me this year, first with the garage sale and then a few street sales of Nepali handicrafts, some camping trips with our granddaughter and looking after my daughter who has just had surgery.

Unfortunately I have not done well selling the tickets for our dinner fundraiser as I just could not bring myself to ask people unless I really knew them well. I am always asking people for something it seems and this is not my strong point so when it came to selling tickets it was just too difficult for me plus all the other things I have to do.The draw date is August 15th so for anyone who has bought a ticket you will have good odds at winning. For those people who were helping to sell them please get any sold tickets to me by about the 13th. Or I can pick up. Whatever we make on this is more than if we had not done it at all. The money goes to our women’s literacy programs so one $20 ticket paid for two months schooling for one woman. The literacy programs are extremely successful with not one drop out.

I am going to Nepal on October 7th but just for a short visit on route to India. I will there for the graduation of the first six months of our literacy women. So far they all want to continue. It will be wonderful to be there to present their certificates and Bob will be with me also. If you wish to send a letter or very small gift to your child or lady please get these to me by the 1st of October. Please bring to my home or mail to me as I cannot do pick ups on these.

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