Nepal Education Fund

I leave in one week for Nepal arriving there on February 21st.  It will be an exciting time with the Rotary members arriving in early March and the trip with them to Chimkhola.  The Duncan Rotary Club has paid for a new generator and turbine for the village and that has been delivered there this weekend and so will be up and running when the Rotary visit next month.  I know that they will be very excited to see this and the impact that it will have on the village.  While in Pokhara we will also visit the Gunjara village and the village school where NEF has started work on the roof. 
Quite a large sum has been raised by a Rotary member for dentistry and a dental clinic will be held while we are there.  Dag’s father was a dentist who recently passed away and so this will be very special for him to be there while the children are being treated.  He will also be able to visit the dental hospital. 
I will, of course, be visiting all the NEF children and women and all the photos will be posted to flickr.   Please check here for all updates on our time in Nepal.

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