Nepal Education Fund

Costs in this improverished country are rising rapidly.  I cannot believe the price of rents.  Some of our families are now having to pay 2000 rupees and more for one room, that is about $30 Can dollars per month.  When you consider that most families do not earn more than 1.50 to 2.00 per day you can see that it is an ongoing challenge to live and then food is rising rapidly also. 
NEF’s office and apartment rent is also going up again now to 8000 rupees per month about $110.  When we moved here less than 3 years ago it was 4000 and I am told it will go up next year and the year after that.  This makes our admin costs rise considerably and along with that the challenge of how to raise this money.  We are looking for something cheaper but that means moving further out of the city and then transportation costs go up.
Medical costs also seem to be rising.  Sima, Mann wife, has a problem at the moment that may require surgery and she spent all day yesterday at the hospital having tests and that cost 9000 rupees which is Mann’s total salary for the month.
Prakash, the boy with the eye problem is going to the eye hospital on Sunday.  Through Rotarian Joe we have been referred to one of the best opthamologists in Nepal.  He managed to tract down the doctor in Nanaimo who has contacts here.  This doctor we are going see does help the poor so lets up hope this is a good chance for Prakash.
We have had no electric for almost 24 hours now so I am typing this on a laptop which is nearly out of battery so will close.

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