Nepal Education Fund

Last Saturday the Seti River flooded killing at least 26 people with many more missing.  Homes and livestock were also washed away.  The flood is believed to have been caused by an avalanche.
Fortunately no NEF children or family members were affected.  We have quite a few families who work in the river collecting rocks for the quarry.  Fortunately this happened on a Saturday which is a holiday in Nepal.  Also the fast approaching flood of the river was seen by a pilot who radioed the airport and the alert was sent out.  Otherwise many more lives would have been lost.
One of our Rotary friends who runs a technical college in Pokhara lost two students.  The students had gone for a picnic and these two had gone down to the river to collect firewood and were washed away by the huge wave.  One of their bodies were found but not the other.  Our deepest sympathies go to their family and friends at the college. 

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