Nepal Education Fund

Members of the Duncan Daybreak and Duncan Rotary Clubs arrived late Thursday night and have enjoyed touring Katmandu. Dr. Keith Grey and I went to the Animal Treatment Centre and Keith enjoyed watching surgeries here while I groomed some dogs. We then met the founder and ate lunch with her. It was a very pleasant day and a change for me. The Founder was a lady I immediately connected with and Keith said we were very alike. Just different charities. I feel I made a new friend here. They were very happy with the supplies Keith brought.
Today we made the long journey to Pokhara. After tea I took some of them to meet my Literacy Ladies. We all enjoyed this so much. The people with me sponsored 9 ladies while we were there and they all had their photos taken together. It was quite emotional and Denise said it was bitter sweet because she said they have such a difficult life here and it is a privilege to be able to help. My original class can speak some English now and were so proud to ask me how I was in English. They were just so happy and grateful to us. After we watched from outside as one studet stood up and read in the front of the class. To me it is just remarkable and I think it is our shining star.
Tomorrow Mann and I are going to see the science lab we did last fall at the government school and Joe, Daybreak Rotary President, is coming with us as he is meeting his newly sponsored child. We also want to check out a location for our new literacy program further up the river.
Tomorrow evening we are being hosted by the Pokhara Rotary Club.
It has been a full on week with never a spare minute but all the Rotary members are really enjoying the trip. We have one 16 year old with us and he is just loving Nepal.
This is different for me having to lead a group like this but Mann is a real assest in this.
More tomorrow.

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