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The Rotary members arrived late last night after a good journey.  We met them this morning for breakfast and then took them to get their trekking permits etc.  The ladies wanted to buy coutas (Nepali dresses) so we took them to old Kathmandu and they had fun in a tiny upstairs shop picking out their coutas.  We then took them to the engineering shop which made the turbine for the Chimkhola village project.  The men really enjoyed this and talk about the specs of the generator and turbine and they saw where the turbine was made.  Tomorrow is Holy Day here and that is the holiday when everyone throws colour around and water which is not my favourite time.  We have rented a mini bus to do a tour of the city and Bhaktapur and hopefully we will not get too covered in colour.  I am very tired tonight so will finish here.

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  1. What a wonderful blog Susan! Can you give my Mom and Dad a hug from me? (Marg and Jerry Sanders.) Thanks! Looking forward to your updates and pictures.

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