Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we met with Sabitri, one of our blind students.  She is doing really well and she is helping us with a project in Chandaswori, Nuwakot. That is where we are building five school rooms and toilets.  We are supplying school supplies for the blind students including two computers with special software.  This project made possible by a group of students at a High School in Georgia, USA called Jewels for Jewels.  They make creatively distinctive jewelery which they sell at local markets to raise money tohelp others  less fortunate than themselves such as the children supported by NEF.  She is buying a lot of the supplies for us as she knows the suppliers and exactly what is needed.  She hopefully is going to be the teacher at this school.  Photos and details to follow after we deliver the supplies to the school.  This school was destroyed in the earthquake.

We also visited City Academy School where we have eight students, two who are in their last year and taking their School Leaving Certificate exams next month.
Photos:  Sabitri, Binod who has lost his sponsor, Jwala and Samjhana.

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