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I am sorry to have to write this but we lost Dawa Tamang yesterday. He died before a second operation could be performed to try and save him. It happened late in the evening and he was cremated in the middle of the night with Kamal, Jagat, his mother and a few relatives attending. His father did not attend and after he was told about his son he disappeared which left the mother to deal with the paper work and arrangements with the help of Jagat and Kamal.
This makes my heart very sad and it was caused by untreated ear infection for lack of money to take him to a doctor.
When I am in Nepal this time I am going to try to make it clear to families that when a child is sick they must let us know so we can deal with it early to hopefully stop this from happening in the future.
I know this little boy and his family well and my heart goes out to them especially to the mother who apparently was so brave.

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