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Samjhana and her family of both parents and three younger brothers live next door to our office.  They live in a small brick room next to a workshop where her father works making furniture.  Samjhana is 13 years old and looks after the family completely.  She cooks, cleans, draws the water from the well, washes her brothers and even takes little brother Sunil to school with her.  He is nearly three years old.  the mother does work washing clothes at someone’s house but when she returns home she does nothing leaving Samjhana to do all the work.. I see Samjhana put Sunil on top of her school bag on her back and walk down the road to school,  The school lets him go in the nursery class for free as there is no one to care for him.  Samjana is a good student although she is behind because she started late.  She was first in her class last year and skipped from class 1 to class 3.  I never see her play with friends as she is always working.  Last night I put my head in the door and she was peeling potatoes as her mother visited with friends.  In the morning I see her drawing the water from the well at 6 am,  This year she lost her sponsor so I placed her with a new one.  This was a good thing as for the first time she received a letter and gift from her new sponsor.  She was more than delighted.  This was the sponsor that is an airline pilot that I wrote about earlier when she received the photo of him by the plane he flies. I think this really gave her a thrill and brightened her tough little life. I have photos to go with this post but at the moment it will not let me upload them.  Will try later.

Sujan & Suman, Samjhana’s brothers

Tomorrow we go to Pokhara on the bus with bags and boxes of clothes.

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