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Some of you will remember the story last year on this blog of the lady who nearly lost her foot.  On visiting her we found that she had a large ulcerated hole in her foot that was badly infected.  We took her to a private hospital where she received treatment and surgery and eventually skin grafting.  The infection was half way up her leg at the time so had we not visited at that time she likely would not only have lost her foot but her life.  She had no money for medical treatment and her sponsor paid for her hospital treatment.  She was also blind.  Unfortunately she died a couple of weeks ago.  We are not sure what the cause was other than it was a stomach problem.  She was never a well lady.  She leaves a five year old child, Santi, who now is in a small children’s home run by Mann’s wife, Sima.  Mann is NEF President in Nepal. Her father is not able to care for her as he is an alcoholic.  The bright side is that Santi is now being well cared for and is clean and well fed.  Before the school was always complaining about her dirty condition and attendance.  Santi is a bright little girl and I spoke to her on Skype a couple of weeks ago when she was visiting our office.  She was very outgoing and happy to talk with me.  Hopefully she will be happy in her new home.  She has lost her mother but now has a more stable future with regular food and education. 

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