Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we visited the school for the deaf.  We took Paros and his mother with us.  We were very impressed with school and the staff.  This is the only school for the deaf that goes all the way to class 12 in Nepal.  We went into class 11 and the students were happy to see us.  Ed looked at their notebooks and was very impressed with their writing.  We looked at the nursery class were Paros would be starting and all the children seemed very happy.  The children were like at other schools in that they wanted to touch me and say hello in their own way of signing.  The school was so quiet.  Paros can start in five weeks at the start of the new year.  His mother has to go to her district to get paperwork first and to have Paros checked at the hospital there, he has to be

certified deaf.  She was worried about this as she does not read or write.  Mann has a. Friend there who can help her.  

The good thing is by NEF sponsoring Paros to go there the government will match and so two,children get the opportunity.  It is wonderful that Paros gets this opportunity and starts at the beginning in

nursery class.   Also he will now be with children like him and will lean to,speak with them.

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