Nepal Education Fund

These will be out in about 2 weeks. We have ten students who sat this exam and are eagerly awaiting their results. If they pass they will be wanting to start college in August. It is a tough Government set exam so the fail rate can be quite high. I will let you know how they do. Six girls and four boys wrote the exam. Two for the second time.
Mann is in Pokhara at the moment checking on the Literacy and Sewing Programs. The sewing shop and training centre is really busy and training five women at the present time so he is looking for another shop next door or very close to the main one. This will give us more room to add two more machines for women trainees. We did not expect such success immediately or we would have rented a bigger space to start with. The women are extemely happy with this project.
Bijaya who I wrote about earlier on this blog is now attending computer classes thanks to a donor who read about him here.

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