Nepal Education Fund

We have seen a lot of the children’s results and most are very good. We have two who have been first in their class. Registrations take a long time. At the two private schools today I always have to have a visit and food. Every day we are gone all day at school, buying uniforms shoes etc. Hopefully we will be finished by the end of the week at which time I have to return to Pokhara to get the woman’s literacy program started.
On this trip my understanding of the woman’s situation In Nepal has been greatly increased. I have had a young woman open up her heart to me and she has told me what it really feels like to have no rights. I feel honoured that she has shared such deep feelings with me. On a later blog I will outline a woman’s life here in Nepal. I have also seen so many women’s tears on this trip. Just two days ago a woman came to me with her sick two month old baby. The baby had not passed urine since theday beforeand she did not look well. The woman had asked the neighbours for money to go to a hospital but no one had any. She told us her husband had another woman and he only came home occasionally and gave her little money. We gave her a 1000 rupees, $16, to take her baby for medical care. She then cried.
So I feel I wanted to help women whenever possible. Another principal here in Kathmandu would like to run a literacy program for women and she is offering me a very low price to do this. So I am going to see her again next week to see if we can do this.
Till next time.

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