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I am happy to say that Chondra, the woman with the tiny room which I spoke of previously, showed up very early at the orphanage yesterday morning with her son. We were able to take them to the school and he started right away. He seems to be settling in good and his mother did seem very happy with our place and the situation. She asked me to take his photo so she could have one. I am meeting tomorrow with one of her relatives as I am hoping there is something we can do for her but I do not know what yet. She is such a sweet little woman.

I have just visited the two girls, Samjhana and Shirjhana again, whose mother had the mental breakdown. Their mother is not home yet but is supposed to come on Monday. The eldest girl was very sad today, she was having a hard time not to cry. Apparently the mother was supposed to come yesterday but did not. Maybe that was why she was so sad. I will go back and see them again. I have lost some photos so had to retake some again today. I asked the girls about the gift I gave them last week. They retrieved it from under a table and everything was just as I had given it, even the chocolate bars were uneaten. When I remarked on this they said they were saving everything for when their mother returned. I told them that the sponsor who had given the gift was also sick, but even so she had thought of them and sent these things along and they seemed very touched by this.

I also revisited Nauchen and her brothers. I asked here also if I could retake the photo of her with her sponsor’s gift. Here it was just the same, the gift although it had been opened, it was all repackaged just like when I had given it to her. The boys that I also revisited had used their gifts though as they were soccer balls and I could see that these had definitely been well used. Here I was offered Dhal Bhat and although it was spicy I managed to finish it all.
We finished by visiting some new children and their Tibetan aunty who I just love. Her name is Dickie and she is small and constantly smiling.

The weather is now warm and sunny and for the last few morning the damp mist has been gone. I think summer is just about here now. The orphanage new home is lovely and so good for everyone. I have now got used to riding everywhere by motorbike as my back does not ache anymore. I must have developed motorcycle muscles. The puppy, who I have named Kushi (it means happy), is doing well and we managed to find a place to get a vaccination for her yesterday. It was quite a thing to get done and the vet looked liked he worked in a quarry. Him and Kamal had to go off on a motorbike in order to find some distemper vaccine but could not find any deworming pills. I will have to work on that one. Nameste Susan

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