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I met Shailendra at the Nakhipot school two days ago.  Although I was concentrating on the girls Shailendra made himself known to me.  He wanted my business card, he was attentive and had a intensity about him that could not be ignored.  He is 15 and finishing class 8.  The teacher told me that he had a very bad home condition as his father was a drunk and wanted him to quit school and do labouring work, he did not want the mother spending any money for her son’s education.  Shailendra is extremely bright and a dedicated student.  He asked Mann if we would come to his home and so today w e went.  He and his mother met us on the street and took us to their room.  The mother cleans eight houses every week to make money for the family but there is nothing left over for books etc.  I looked at Shailendra’s notebook and was surprised to see such beautiful writing in both English and Nepali.  He wants to finish school and college and go into the army.  He is the eldest and needs to provide for his mother.  He has a younger brother of 12.  I could not say no to this boy, something about him made me want to give him a chance to finish his education.  I am going to pay for his school year from donations.  He had a big smile when I told him and seemed relieved.  Now he can go onto class 9 at another school as Nakhipot only goes to class 8.  

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