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High Mount Students yesterday

Yesterday Mann and Jeff went to the region of Lumjun to con duct a remote dental camp with the dental team.  Jeff said they treated about 300 people and he said it was a great experience.  I went to Simpani to visit children.  I saw a lot of the children there and also gave out some clothes along with sponsor letters.  A lot of the children have grown into young men and women and they all looked so good.  A funny thing happened in that the bench I was sitting on in the classroom collapsed and I ended up on the floor.  My camera flew out of my hand and ended up on the stone floor.  My camera is my most important tool here.  Fortunately it was okay other than a chip.  I am sure the kids a thought it was hilarious.
Our little family where the mother is missing seem to be doing well.  We have now bought them food and cooking gas and will pay the rent before we leave.  Maya the 13 year old is doing a good job of looking after the family and they seem happy enough.  I will see them most days while here but I think the best decision is to support them in their home.
Today Carol and Keith arrive from Qatar and wish to visit all their children later in the afternoon.  tomorrow we go to the village of Gunjara to see our school project and do a dental camp.
It is very hard to add photos because the connection is so slow.  The weather is very warm and quite humid.  So now it is early morning and time for a run.

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