Nepal Education Fund

Some pictures for you. Joe Simpson with his wife Penny’s sponsored lady Kamala, in the principal’s office where we received keta scarfs, children in the classroom, a little girl who we are giving a new sponsor to, she has no parents, Joe, me and Kamala with Penny’s letter, we had tea here today with several of the ladies, Denise and her newly sponsored lady. This lady has some psychological problem, I saw her a year ago and she was in a very bad condition and I was so surprised to see her in the literacy program looking so much better. When I asked her how she was she said her husband was beating her. Denise picked her to sponsor even though she had sponsored two other women. Dag and Kirsten with one of their women, they sponsored four women last night including our oldest student who is 75 year old. Thank you to them all for sponsoring 9 women last night. Melinda also sponsors four women but I do not have her photo as it is on Joe’s camera. I am relying him to take a lot of photos for me.
Today Joe and I and Mann spent all morning in Simpani visiting children and the schools. We saw the new science lab that the Doha soccer club donated last Fall. A Pokhara Rotary member was with us who is a Professor and we discussed a new library for the Gov. school. Joe met his new sponsored child a little boy in nursery class named Sunil, we also sponsor his sister Sumitra and his mother is in the literacy program. Joe so enjoyed seeing all the children in their classrooms. Mann and I he said are like one person as we work together so well. Mann seems to be thinking ahead of me all the time and guards my purse, money, and bags otherwise I would lose something everyday. We then went to see a College of Science and Technology where the Rotary Professor was the Director. It was very interesting.
In just over an hour we are going to a ceremoney the Pokhara Rotary Club are putting on for us and then a special dinner.
my days are very full. Tomorrow we go to Beni to make the trek to Chimkhola on Tuesday. I will try and update this again tomorrow morning as we do not leave till after lunch but Mann and I are going to work in Simpani tomorrow to check out a new literacy project.
Till then

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