Nepal Education Fund

Sometimes running NEF in Nepal is like an emotional rollar coster. From the highs of Chimkhola village and then today meeting the mother of Serriya who we lost to a heart problem just two months ago. Seeing the mother’s tears I had a hard time holding back my own. She apparently died in a bus on the way to the hospital. Imagine having your child in critical condition and having to take her to hospital in a bus. Raj Kumar, Serriya’s brother, also looked so sad. I have a new sponsor for him in Serriya’s name. Her photo was in the school office adorned with tikas.
Everything seems fine in Simpani and we saw a lot of the children. I have to return in the morning to give out clothes and shoes. It always seems so poor there. Some families, like Mrs BK and her four little girls in their tiny dark little room is very upsetting. Today only the girls were there as the mother had gone to cut rice. The subedi family of nine children are another example of extreme poverty but they are always delighted to see us. Mina Puns grandmother just would not let go of me. I told her I would have tea with her tomorrow and I had to somehow extricate myself from her grip as it was getting late. Wonderful people and how I wish you could all meet them and see what I see.
This trip is somewhat of a marathon and I cannot possibly see all the children. Bob and I are tired today and have stomach upsets. Only minor but it slows us down. We go back to Kathmandu in a couple of days.

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