Nepal Education Fund

We have spent two long days here. Registering children took some hours and then getting school uniforms shoes etc many more.
Susmita, who I picked from the government school last year, to go to private school turns out to be a brilliant little girl. She has 100 per cent in every subject and now will skip a grade. Raju Pun is 2nd in his class. All the children are doing well and improving. The lady with the burns, Mrs Jalari, looks great, she is so improved in her health. She will require a couple more operations sometime later to enable to lift her arms but it is too early yet. Her husband has made their room bigger and brighter for her as the doctor said she needed this. I love this family, the father is very dedicated and the mother keeps the room spotless. They are also very grateful.
One lady, when told that I was putting her three children in school, sat and cried. She has no husband as he left her for another woman. We sponsored one tiny girl from a family of nine who live on the proceeds from the family cow. I gave her some shoes and a coat yesterday and this morning when I went there she was still playing with them and would not take the coat off today even though it was very hot.
Taking them all for the uniforms was quite an outing and they received so much joy from their new things. This area is one of my favourites and tonight we had a meeting with all the parents and they all expressed their gratitude and I told them about their sponsors and the countries that they came from. I will back here next week to carry on. Now I am going into the mountains for a few days.
Some good news is that I have sponsor for the blind girl Sabitra and I cannot wait to tell her. She will be very happy.

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