Nepal Education Fund

Now in Pokhara which is pleasant.  The air pollution in Kathmandu was horrible, worst that I remember.

We visited Daumaya and her daughters.  Dave sponsored Mankumari in 2007 and he was anxious to see them.  Daumaya had cancer a couple of years ago, many of you will remember.  She looked well but is losing weight so we are going to arrange for her to go for a check up.  Maya, the eldest, read Sabita’s sponsor’s letter to her and we were very impressed by Maya’s reading skills.  Maya is just going into class 10.  Tomorrow Dave is bring them into Lakeside for dinner and ice cream and then taking them shopping.  Daumaya is selling a few vegetables to earn some money and makes about 60 rupees per day, less than one dollar.  Running shoes in the photo donated by my running club members.  Photo of Mankumari.

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