Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday was a very busy day doing banking, changing money etc.  The highlight of the day was taking sponsor Jeff and Laurel visiting from Nanoose Bay to visit their sponsored child.  His name is Prabin.  After meeting for tea and introducing them to Mann and Jagat we walked to Prabin’s room.  Everyone was excited to see Jeff and Laurel especially Prabin.  He is quite reserved with me but really opened up to them.  The small room was crowded with children and their parents who were all neighbours and wanted to be part of the visit.  Prabin’s father who sells syringes on the street, these are a stringed Nepali instrument, played and sang to everyone’s enjoyment.  Prabin showed his sponsors how well he could read English from a dictionary that they bought him. They were very impressed.  They stayed for well over an hour and said they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were very happy.
Today we visited Hattiban and gave out those colourful tops made by Kirsten and her friends in Duncan.  We had a good visit here and sat in the warm sun while the kids enjoyed pop and cookies.  I took all their photos and enjoyed a nice chat with them all.  How I love Hattiban, the fields were so green and many were coloured yellow with mustard.  It is very beautiful.  Before the electric goes I am putting up these photos.

Photos are Jeff and Laurel with Prabin and another with some other sponsored children Sunil and Arbin.  Sunita with a gift from her sponsor and their photo.  Jagat inspecting teeth in Hattiban.  We are hoping to do some dentistry here but not by Jagat!!  The children in their colourful shirts and Alina and mother.  Little Alina was delighted with her sponsor’s gift and never let it out of her hand.  Samjhana and her little brothers Suman and Sujan.  Samjhana had just bathed Sujan.  They live downstairs from us.  Samjhana is holding a top sent by her sponsor.

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