Nepal Education Fund

Last night the Watkins family arrived in Nepal and today we took them to visit their sponsored child, Doma.  Doma lives with her Aunty Dickie and it is always a delight to visit there.  Doma is from the Everest region and she comes from a very large family.  The father has died and the mother is sick and unable to care for all her children.  It was a very good visit today and Aunty Dickie had cooked us rice pudding and curried vegetables.  She is a delightful lady.  Doma’s sister Yanji was also sponsored through NEF for some years but now has graduated and next week is leaving to work in Malaysia.  The Watkins are going to take Doma, Yangi and Aunty Dickie out to lunch on Saturday.

Yesterday we were visiting Pradip, Prabu and Partima.  Pradip’s sponsor had sent photos of the family that I had sent him over the years, he had had them laminated as well.  He also had made a collage of them that they can hang on the wall.  They were just delighted with them.  These families cannot afford photography so this is a really neat idea.  It was also interesting to how the children had grown over the years.  Photos of the Watkins and Doma, Yanji and Auny Dickie, Nanu another sponsored child and Pradip with the photos.  Nanu is wearing a sweater that was donated from a school that closed down on Vancouver Island.  They donated many boxes of these uniforms for the children in Nepal.

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