Nepal Education Fund

In January Heather and Stuart and son Nathan visited their sponsored child, Sunita, in Kathmandu, Nepal.  They have sponsored Sunita for about three years and made a special trip to Kathmandu to visit her.  Sunita is 13 years old and in class 6.  She has a large family living in two very small rooms and they have little income so life is a constant struggle.  There are nine in the family including her married brother and his wife.  I have been involved with this family since 2004 and there are three children left in school, Sunita being one of them.  This was a really big thrill for Sunita to be visited by her sponsors and she also spent a day sight seeing with them.  She never has the luxury of being taken out for the day so this is something she will not forget.  Her sponsors have made a big difference in her life as they pay for her to attend a private school.  Sunita started school late as her parents could not afford for her to attend school so she was 7 when she started.  Then unfortunately she lost her sponsors and we re-sponsored her with Stuart and Heather who have been so caring towards her.  It is a very good match and they have made her feel special.  Many thanks to them.

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