Nepal Education Fund

Mann & Jagat did an amazinging job arranging this dental clinic at the Kantipur Dental Hospital.  The hospital used their bus for transportation but the children were spread all over the city and also 12 children came from Hattiban which is outside the city.  We met the bus on the motorbike and it followed us to the different locations.  The traffic is extremely heavy in Kathmandu but we managed to stay together.  The bus was full and some children came with their mothers on their own and we ended up with nearly 50 children.  All children were checked and some had their teeth cleaned and then there was some classroom instruction on brushing.  The treatment will begin next week.  We are having lunch with the administrator on Sunday to arrange this and to see what the costs will be.  I really thought that this dental program would be too hard to manage in Kathmandu on a large scale such as 50 children but it went very smoothly.  It is a real day out for the children and they came dressed in their best clothes and were very excited on the bus and when they left they were all waving goodbye.  Many I am sure will need a lot of treatment as I toured the large treatment rooms and was shown the condition of their teeth. 
I am really tired.  Riding around this city on a motorbike in the pollution seems to make my eyes burn and I feel done in at the end of the day.  Tomorrow we have more children to meet and have been invited to a friend’s Nepali restaurant.  I will also have to think about packing. 

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