Nepal Education Fund

We first met Sujan in March this year when he followed us around wanting some children’s sunglasses we had. Sujan is badly crossed eyed and can only see straight ahead by covering one eye and turning his head. He is also very poor. Medical treatment was out of the questions as the mother had no money for this. After we returned home a sponsor offered to help Sujan’s family. Kamal has just brought Sujan and his mother to Kathmandu. They have spent two days this week at the eye hospital seeing doctors. It may be too late to help Sujan and he will eventually lose his sight. Apparently even two years ago they could have successfully operated. They have prescribed some glasses for him for two months and then he will be reassessed by the doctor. Hopefully they will be able to operate and help him. We will have to wait and see. Today he went home to Pokhara with his mother. They both had some new clothes and shoes which they badly needed.

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