Nepal Education Fund

This is the young lady I was taken to see last year who was in such a bad way.  She looked like a child bride and indeed had been one.  When I went to her room she was frightened and had sad eyes that told her story.  She had a tiny baby and a four year old son.  Her family lived many hours away.  She had no food, had never paid the rent, and could not send Rajesh to school.  To put her at ease I asked to hold her baby and sat with her in my arms admiring the tiny daughter.  The house owner has a little grocery shop so we bought groceries for her but she could not bring them home for fear her husband would return, as he did every couple of months, and he would take them and sell them.  So she went and got them as needed. She had a kerosene burner but no fuel for it so we bought her some.  I put the story on this blog and someone offered to help her with some money for food and he also found a sponsor for Rajesh.

I visited here yesterday and what a change.  She was looking relaxed and happy.  She has a cleaning job every day for six hours earning about $35 per month but she is managing.  She has a two burner gas stove now and a cupboard and Rajesh has just finished his first year of school.  I felt so satisfied to see her so much improved.  I just wanted to sit and savour the moment.  I took them clothes and the hat that baby Rita is wearing was my granddaughters. 
Very often when we give hope it lights a fire and the situation improves greatly as has happened here.  It is so heart warming to see.

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