Nepal Education Fund

A few days ago I mentioned the donation we received from the students in Georgia, USA.  They make unique jewellery which they sell so they can help underprivileged children.  They call themselves “Jewels for Jewels”.  We found a special project for them in Nuwakot at the Chandaswory School where we have our earthquake project.  At this school there are 22 blind students ranging in age from 5 yrs to the early 20’s.  They had no supplies at all especially since the earthquake.  We bought for them two computers with special software, a radio for each with an external drive so that they can listen to their books, braille supplies, white canes etc.  It was very rewarding delivering these supplies as they were so appreciative and happy.  We chatted with them and a little girl sang for us.  These kids were not only blind but also very poor and had lost their school in an earthquake but were so happy.  A lesson to be learned here.  Sabitri, our blind masters student, came with with us as she had helped us with advice on what the students needed.  She is hoping to get a job as a teacher at this school and it is looking very hopeful for her.  Many thanks to “Jewls for Jewels” for making this project possible.  I wish you all could have been there.

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