Nepal Education Fund

We took Sushant to the eye hospital today and the news is not good. He is legally blind with virtually no vision at all. The doctor was willing to try a cornea transplant but said the rejection in children is very high and the family would have to be very vigilant of medication etc. His mother was unsure. After we took her for tea and explained it all to her she has decided to try it so we have to go back tomorrow and tell the doctor to put Sushant on the waiting list and he will get priority. She siad to definitely put him in the visually impaired school so we went there and showed him and his mother. Kamal and I were there the other day and thought that it would really help him. One girl I spoke to said she had been at the school for ten years and when I asked her if she liked it she said, “If I had not come her I would be blind and now I am only blind in my eyes”. She spoke good English and was well educated. They wanted him to start right away and so tomorrow we will buy him his supplies and he will start then. It will cost about $50 per month for him to live and be educated there. Once he knows braille he will be integrated into a regular class with seeing children. He will also be able to take his class 5 exam next month which his regular school was not going to allow him to do. He looked really worried and uncomfortable but when we said goodbye at the bus park he was smiling. The school is run by women and although poor had a very good feeling about it. Although I felt so sad for him I also felt that now he will have a life otherwise he would be in the village and have nothing. He loves to go to school. So it was a bitter sweet day. Even with the transplant he will be visually impaired and it will probably only last from 6 months to 5 years the doctor said.
Photos later.

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