Nepal Education Fund

Walking on the beach last week one of my dog walking friends came up with the idea of making dog biscuits to sell at the Canada Day celebrations in Maple Bay. I really needed something else to do!!!!!!! We will be set up in a driveway right next to the celebration selling these treats and also the dinner draw tickets, which are going well, and Nepal handicraft items.
Also a reminder that I have another garage sale this weekend, the 28th, at Ray’s Second Hand Furniture next to the Duncan Garage from 9am to 3pm. Still looking for more stuff for this if anyone still has anything left. I keep raiding my home and soon I will have to start buying it back.
There is suppose to be a little article in the News Leader this week about the garage sale. and NEF. Hopefully it is okay. I am really shy about publicity but if it helps I can stand it.
I am very excited with all this fundraising, it is a lot of work but is paying off literally and thank you to all who are contributing in different ways. Even buying a dinner draw ticket is a contribution which we really appreciate and believe me every bit helps. Just think of what $20 buys in Nepal. For instance: 2 sets of school uniform for a child. Books for a year or two volley balls for a school.

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