Nepal Education Fund

Things are very bad here in Kathmandu. There is little to no water fresh water and electric is only on for about 4 hours per day. The water is a real problem and a lot of people are becoming sick from drinking unboiled water. My friend Kamal is in the hospital with possible Typhoid or some other water related illness. he is quite sick with very high fevers. Some of the children at his orphanage are also sick. For me this is temporary but for the people here ist never ends. I cannot imagine living like this all the time. Not being able to wash, showering is just a dream.
Yesterday we visited Hattiban and the children there and took with us a sponsor from Duncan to meet her child. All the children here are fine and in this village they do have water. But there were no buses, a strike over I do not know what. After we finsihed there were no taxis either so walked a long way until we found a person with a private car and they give us a ride. Fortunately otherwise it would have been a two hour walk. Hattiban is always nice to visit. We are busy filling out forms for every child for the Social Welfare Councils requirements. It is a big job. On little girl, now 13, blew me a kiss as I left, that is the first time i havew seen a Nepali child do that. Sushant the little blind boy was home for the holidays and he is doing so well. He showed me two medals he had won. One was for first in long jump and the other a third in 100 metre dash. How proud he was of that. I promised to meet him at his school in three weeks. i am going to stop now as I sure the electric is going to go any minute. Excuse any mistakes.

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