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Namaste everyone,

I have been taking a two day course with a Buddhist nun on Love. It has been a great course. The only complaint I have is that having to sit on the floor all day is something that I am not used to and found difficult. Need to practice. The nun, Amy, was amazing. She is from the USA but is a Buddhist teacher. She had a wonderful positive energy. It was all about relationships and love. I learned a lot from it. She even talked about the beggars and vendors and showing compassion and love to them. The best thing about her was that she had led a very normal life before becoming a nun. She had been into parties, drugs, numerous relationships so I think that we could relate to her more than if she had lived in a monastery all her life.

I met some interesting people there also as they were mostly volunteers doing various work. It was held at a lovely Buddhist Centre almost next door to the Kathmandu Guest House. One lady I met, Sarah from England, is rescuing animals from butchers shops and taking them to a Buddhist retreat centre. These includes goats, buffalo etc. I understand her sympathy as it is awful seeing these animals on the street awaiting slaughter. In our western cultare, it happens but we just do not see it. Anyway I am going to visit there.

Each day, I have also taken a yoga class which has been amazing. For two classes I was on my own, so it is like a private class. I have done poses I never thought possible and stretched like never before. He is a Yogi who teaches at the university and has done so for seven years. Here, Yoga is so pure and there is so much focus done on breathing and they believe in daily practice. Not like me at home, where I just go when the mood strikes. I am changing now though!! I now believe much can happen with daily practice. It has been a great few days which I needed to recharge.

Kamal is picking me up in the morning to go to some schools and families. One being Dev Raj again. His mother has been phoning. Tomorrow night, we have been invited to the opening of a photo exhibition. A journalist that I met has been working with children and cameras like ‘Born into Brothels’ the movie. All the photos the children took are going to be on display and for sale with the money going to the centre where the children come from. Anyway I am very glad your weather is improving in BC. I did run this morning but here in old Kathmandu, it is a challenge. I have to dodge rickshaws, vendors, taxis, buses, people and dogs. The only thing that freaks me out is when dogs come after me. These are street dogs and if you get bitten, it means rabies shots and very possibly infection. Now it is time for supper and then some reading before bed. The electric is out every day now for 3 or 4 hours and they are talking about it being 6. There is so sign of peace being restored in the south yet. It is just Nepal.

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