Nepal Education Fund

Hi Everyone:

I am planning to do a tour to Nepal in the Fall of 09 if enough people are interested. I have had a number of sponsors ask if they can come to Nepal with me. In giving it some thought I think it would be better if it was done as a group tour as in the spring I am too busy working to really give my attention to anything else.
This would include a trek for those that wish it or volunteering at a school if that is your interest. Sponsors can visit their child and school as well as see the sights of Kathmandu and Pokhara.
This is in the very infant stages of planning. First I would like to know who would be interested to see if it is worth doing. Just email if you think you may be interested. There will be a information meeting later.

Just a couple of things of note. First for local sponsors we will be having a booth at the end of my driveway this weekend for the Tall Ships Festival in Maple Bay. We will be selling dog biscuits, Nepali items and dinner draw tickets again.
September 6th we will be having another garage sale at Ray’s Second Hand Furniture. I have quite a lot stuff to sell again and have more promised.
September 17th (date to be confirmed later) I am having a presentation at the Maple Bay Rowing Club. This is a information and social evening to show slides of the highlights of the last year in Nepal.

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