Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we visited the village of Phumdi Bhumdi and it was a beautiful place high up with incredible views. We went their to open the school library. The welcome they gave us made us feel like royalty, it was amazing. So many flowers from the children and board members etc. We had provided over 300 books and two bookcases and they were truly grateful. After a few speeches we toured the few classrooms and library room. I was very impressed with this school, they only had 73 students of which most were low caste. Enrollment had been dropping off because the level of teaching in government schools has been declining so they have now added a nursery class and are raising money for better teachers and introducing an English class. To do this they have planted 1000 coffee trees behind the school which will start producing in two years and they already have secured a market in Japan. This board at the school really had vision and our money was well spent here. They gave us lunch at the top of the highest building in the village. This was an enjoyable visit and I hope to return here. The Principal had died 6 days before so we visited his family before leaving.

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