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This morning I went to visit a man in the Bir Hospital. For those of you who were reading my blog the last time I was here you will remember the two little girls, Shirjhana and Samjhana who were living by themselves because their mother was in a mental hospital. The father had gone to work in dubai. Six months ago he developed meningitis and has been in hospital ever since. He was finally transferred back to Nepal three days ago. I have known this family for three years and they asked me to visit. The father is unable to speak or move much at all. There is nothing much they can do for him other than physiotherapy. They asked him if he knew me and he nodded his head. The mother is quite mentally ill and they do not like her at the hospital as she cries so much. The two little girls sit with him from 7am till 5pm. Two sad little faces gazing into his eyes and holding his hand. This was such a good little family, they were very poor but both parents worked, and now it has been shattered. Neither parent will ever work again and now they are having to pay to keep him in the hospital at least until he can eat by mouth and how they will look after him at home I do not know. The girls are doing really well in school but now they have this huge burden at 12 and 13 years old. I had a donation of $100 for medical costs and I gave it them.
The Bir Hospital is a horrible place. I don’t think anyone in the Western World would complain about their medical care if they saw this place. I was there nearly an hour and did not even see a nurse, the family seems to care for the patient. There was a dead body in the bed next to Vishnu who I was visiting. It had been there for three hours. It is not much better than a cow shed. My friend said to me as we left and they were finally sliding this dead man into a van “What is Life”?. It sure does not count for much here.
It has been a sad year for us here in Nepal and also some changes. We leave for Delhi tomorrow afternoon and to London the day after. I have visited a lot of families and children but not all of them as there just has not been the time. More photos here when I return and I can download them easier. I have quite a lot of letters and many photos that I will get out to the sponsors as soon as possible.
On a personal note Bob, Grant and I have opened a little grocery shop for Jagat and his wife. The was our own money and money from Grant that he raised and not from the fund. It was something we wanted to do for a couple of years now. they are so excited and happy with it. It has given them a sense of purpose.
More on return to Canada

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