Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we visited children at the stone quarry.  Unfortunately they have had to move their home as a college has been built on the land.  Construction is going on all around them and the quarry is becoming smaller and smaller.  So the future does not look good for them.
We had a large shipment of clothes from our donors in Qatar, mostly school uniforms that were brand new  so yesterday we gave some of these out to the children along with letters from sponsors.
we also visited Ramila and Ranjita at the tea shop.  They also have had to move because of road widening which demolished their last shop.  Kathmandu looks like a war zone.  The roads are all rubble and the front of buildings just torn away.  So many people displaced, it is very sad.
Yesterday we had another sponsor visit our office from Qatar.  We also took him to visit Sima’s small children’s home as funds from Qatar have helped fund this home.  Today they are travelling to Pokhara to visit their sponsored child.  Also tonight Lori and Jay and their daughter arrive from Duncan.  Lots of sponsors visiting which is very good.
Photos Howard from Qatar, Mann, Bob and I.  Juni reading her sponsor’s letter with Sanija looking on.  Red shirts and hats from Qatar.

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