Nepal Education Fund

Today we visited some children and delivered some gifts and letters.

Most touching was a little girl, Samjhana, who lives downstairs from
us. Her sponsor is a pilot and sent her a large photo of him in the
cockpit holding Samjhana’s photo. In a letter he told her that he
carries her photo with him wherever he flies so that she is also
travelling to these places. Watching her looking at the photo and
listening to the letter brought a lump in my throat. She is just such
a poor, hardworking little girl who always looks so sad. This brought
a bright spot to her life and was just so touching. When she is not
at school, she is cleaning, cooking and looking after her brothers.

Samjhana with the photo of her sponser

I also saw Pradip, Parmila and Sandeep today who were the first family
I sponsored. Now Pradip is in class ten. Both Pradip and Sandeep
spent time on the streets and with our help have turned their lives
around and now are respectable young men who are studying hard.


We visited the stone quarrey family which includes, Juni, Bijaya and Puja. They are all doing well and growing up fast. These families bring me a lot of satisfaction by their success and all of them live
in extreme poverty.


The weather is quite cool for this time of the year and we have had rain. We have three more days here in Kathmandu before leaving for

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